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Green Initiatives

We’re committed to protecting and preserving the environment. It’s vital that we do our small part to make our planet a better place to live and work. To that end, we’ve taken several steps to ensure the Memorial Center for Learning and Innovation provides an effective and efficient use of energy.

Ice Storage System

By adding ice storage to our traditional air-cooled chiller system, we effectively produce a cooling “battery.” That battery can be charged at night when it’s more efficient to cool and later discharged as “stored cooling” during peak hours during the day.


Our dedicated outside air system and ventilation systems limit the amount of outside air needed to ventilate the building. Building sensors detect occupancy and measure carbon dioxide levels. These measurements allow us to regulate the amount of outside air brought into the building based on the number of people inside. As a result, we don’t waste energy on conditioning excess ventilation air.

Fan Efficiency

The coil and filters in our air-handling units have been sized to reduce pressure drops, which improves efficiency and decreases fan energy. Our smaller fan systems use special motors so they will adjust airflow and energy output.

Waste Reduction

All drinking fountains within the Memorial Center for Learning and Innovation are equipped with water bottle filling stations. Guests and occupants are encouraged to refill and reuse drinking containers. Each station counts the number of bottles kept out of landfills by this waste-reduction initiative.

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