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The Memorial Center for Learning and Innovation is designed specifically to foster communication, education, collaboration and innovation among the healthcare workforce.


To share or exchange news, information and ideas.

Examples: MCLI social media: Facebook, Twitter, social media kiosk and a video wall – a 9-foot integrated video wall used to share data from throughout the health system and the MCLI with all visitors.


To train by formal instruction and supervised practice.

Examples: Employee Development. Leadership Development. Workforce Development. Simulation Center. Clinical Development. Surgical Skills Center. Professional Development Lab.


To work with others in order to achieve the best in patient care.

Examples: Springfield Clinic. SIU School of Medicine. Academic Partners. Interdisciplinary Collaboration. Collaborative Work Space.


To find new ways to deliver the highest in quality and safety.

Examples: Technology. Simulated patient care rooms capable to mimic real-world scenarios to test new workflows, equipment, safety initiatives. Alternate Workplace Options.

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