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The Simulation Center features 10 unique simulated learning environments in 16,000 square feet on the MCLI’s third floor. These learning environments include a nurse’s station, patient room, operating room, an office and an exam room modeled after Memorial Physician Services and ExpressCare rooms. Many of the rooms have simulated patients that can be programmed with a wide variety of symptoms.

An intensive care room serves a dual purpose as a labor and delivery room; clinicians can run mock scenarios on a simulated patient that can give birth seven different ways. Two rooms – a trauma bay and a treatment room – simulate an emergency department setting.

The Simulation Center also has a mock residence with a kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom in 1,300 square feet; the area, which has half walls for easy observation, can be used for training by ambulance providers, firefighters and home service and hospice caregivers.

A high-tech ambulance simulator, which mimics on-the-road movement, allows emergency medical technicians to train as if they’re transporting patients to the hospital.

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